Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Korea? Thailand? Vietnam? How about somewhere in Europe?

Decisions, decisions...

I love Japan. I have spent the better half of my adult life there. The question is, should I move on? Where to next?

It's possible that I've found a nice position in Korea, starting in July. Good stuff.

Korea is a place I've always been interested in, but I haven't applied to many jobs there (my strategy may be flawed: apply, apply, and re-apply) unless I'm able to apply directly to ads by the company themselves. This is because Korean recruiters are so aggressive that they feel scammy and probably are. Also, they seem to have no internal communication; one person will be communicating you via e-mail and another from the same recruitment company will be calling you.

I've looked at Vietnam and Thailand as well (and Italy, I love Italy, but all of the schools there seem to require candidates to have EU working permits), but it seems as though Korea is going to win this job hunt.