Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where You End Up

In Hollywood movies, a charming and hapless protagonist sometimes ends up in the middle of a situation - in a basket floating down a wild river, in a large crowd of people during a panic, surrounded by friendly or unfriendly natives, or in the middle of a car chase, but in the back seat. The protagonist hunkers down, using their hands over their head to show the audience that they're keeping their head low, mashing a well-chosen hat (thanks to the costume department) stylishly over their dome.

I guess I've felt this way on a few occasions - and enjoyed being in some pretty weird territory, but my hat is ugly (just 5 TL), and no one was there to film it. Sometimes it's hard just to order a burger, and instead of hunkering down and being hapless, you need to try and employ interpersonal skills and keep others around you from feeling inconvenienced by your lack of language skills.

The first step: Smile. It helps. Really.

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