Saturday, December 31, 2011

Try and fail

Try something... then fail. Realize that you're still alive... no longer afraid to try.
Today I'm trying to be optomistic.... and failing a little bit, but that's ok. 2012 is just another label for a block of time, which is just a label for getting older and things happening. Still, I'm eyeing 2012 as something that can be full of promise. I want to promise that I'll zig when I'd normally zag... I feel like I've been zagging my whole life.

Recent days have been appalling... I am the frog that's boiled slowly, gradually warming up but too complacent to jump out of the pot until it's too late. Right now it is too late... or is it never too late? When is dinner time?

I'd really like to take a walk today - it's been awhile since I've gotten any exercise. My legs feel like going all the way to Karsiyaka or Bostanli, but we're having the kind of wet, cold weather that makes chilled bones and runny noses that never stop. Besides, but kitchen is warming up and my pajamas feel comfortable.

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