Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Ride

Buy the ticket, take the ride.
- Hunter S. Thompson

Today I'm thinking about retirement. That's right. Today. I've spent quite a few years living and working in various places and at various jobs. The path of my teaching career is either sideways or downward. Sure, last year was a brief upward spike, but this year I am squeaking by month to month. Teaching in America was a bust. Japan was a crabwalk towards old age. Turkey is just too tight a fit.

So where do I go from here? I find myself thinking about jumping off again towards a paradise location where there may or may not be amenities like hospitals, electricity and hurricanes. Low salaries are a real consideration. Should I try to stomach the UAE or Saudi Arabia in exchange for some savings in the bank? It's a possibility.

(I'm also wondering if I should change the tone of this blog to sound like a know-it-all expert)

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  1. Hi Nancy here. I am still wanting someone to add to the other song you wrote with me. One friend said he might. Well it is great to find your blog and to hear you all are having a baby! Great, congratulations! I don't have current email, so send me an email sometimes. Peace and Blessings, Nancy