Saturday, June 2, 2012

Found in Notebook: "Teflon Jim"

It's the start of something. I just found it while looking for some paper to write a list on:

                                                                            Teflon Jim

Rabies and Fistula are clanking around in the kitchen and Meat is napping on the sofa. She deserves a rest - she just got off her shift at the supermarket and smuggled three pounds of ground round in the hood of her sweatshirt. She said it choked her so bad that she had to walk from the breakroom in the back all the way to the front of the store and out to her car without breathing because her manager was leaving at the same time. She dropped her keys twice and nearly passed out.

Tonight's dinner is hamburgers.

Rabies and Fistula are cooking. It's my night to do dishes.

We're using paper plates I stole yesterday. They call me Snatch because I tend to take things.

I'm watching Meat sleep. I tell myself it's because there is nothing on television, but in reality i can't tear my eyes off of her.

Twenty minutes later the hamburgers are in the hands of a large hungry group. Bin, Cookie, Hands, Fart and Jim, who is Teflon to nicknames, are all here.

Fistula opens a bottle of Turkish raki, which is horrible stuff, but it's fun to watch as it turns cloudy and milky when you add water.

Later, we're watching a film - a French film with subtitles and we're having an international night.

Hands complains too long about having to read the dialogue, but it's a good story about a man who sells cigarettes and magazines and lives in the basement of an old library.

Halfway through the movie I see Meat smile and my eyes are almost too stuck on her to notice that she is holding Jim's hand. I immediately think of a nickname for him, but I won't write it here.

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